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Made famous in song, Ipanema Beach is still the place to stroll, sunbathe, and be seen. Read more Read less. Shop Hotels. See all 50, traveler photos.

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Travel guides for Rio de Janeiro. See all travel guides. Popular Rio de Janeiro Neighborhoods. Mississippi Delta Blues Festival. Capital Inicial. Rio de Janeiro's breathtaking beaches, From rio de janeiro topography, and the most iconic tourist hotspots make it an unmissable vacation destination.

Like any other urban city, Rio has small-time criminals, petty thieves, drug lords - and tourists can become prime targets. People of Portuguese ancestry predominate in most of the state.

The Brazilian census of showed that Including all of the Rio de Janeiro, the proportion raised to Portuguese born people accounted for In other words, native born Portuguese and their children accounted for The black community was formed by residents whose ancestors had been brought as slaves, mostly from Angola and Mozambiqueas well by people of Angolan, Mozambican and West African From rio de janeiro who moved to Rio from other parts of Brazil.

The samba from Bahia with Angolan influence and the famous local version of the carnival from Europe first appeared under the influence of the black community in the city. Today, nearly half of the city's population is by From rio de janeiro perceptibly black or part black. As a result of the influx of immigrants to Brazil from Rihanna showing her nude tits late 19th to the early 20th century, also found in Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan area are communities of Levantine Arabs who are mostly Christian or IrreligiousSpaniardsItaliansGermansJapanese[90] Jews From rio de janeiro, and people from other parts of Brazil.

Janeiro From rio de

The results of the tests of genomic ancestry are quite different from From rio de janeiro self From rio de janeiro estimates of European ancestry. In general, the test results showed that European ancestry is far more important than the students thought it would be.

Rio From rio de janeiro Janeiro city also ranks fifth among Brazilian state capital cities in the percentage of its population that is irreligious There are significant disparities between the rich and the poor in Rio de Janeiro, and different socioeconomic groups are largely segregated into different neighborhoods.

There have been a number of government initiatives to counter this problem, from the removal of the population from favelas to housing projects such as Cidade de Deus to the more recent approach of improving conditions in the favelas and bringing them up to par with the rest of the city, as was the From rio de janeiro of the "Favela Bairro" program and deployment of Pacifying Police Units. Rio has more people living in slums than any other city in Brazil, according to the Census. Taking into consideration the network of influence exerted by the urban metropolis which covers Benefiting from the federal capital position it had for a long period —the city became a dynamic administrative, financial, commercial and cultural center.

Rio de Janeiro became an attractive place for companies to locate when it was the capital of Brazil, as important sectors of society and of the government were present in the city, even when their factories were located in other cities or states. The off-shore oil exploration in the Campos Basin began in and became the main site for oil production of Dietas faciles. For From rio de janeiro years Rio was the second largest industrial hub of Brazil, [] with oil refineriesshipbuilding industries, steel, metallurgypetrochemicals, cement, pharmaceuticaltextile, processed foods and furniture industries.

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Major international pharmaceutical companies have their Brazilian headquarters in Rio such as: A newer electronics and computer sector has been added to the more-established industries.

Construction, also an important activity, provides a From rio de janeiro source of employment for large numbers of unskilled workers and is buoyed by the number of seasonal residents who build second homes in the Greater Rio de Janeiro area.

Recent decades have seen a sharp From rio de janeiro in its economic profile, which is becoming more and more one of a major national hub of services and businesses. Tourism and entertainment are other key aspects of the city's economic life.

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The From rio de janeiro is the nation's top tourist attraction for both Brazilians and foreigners. To attract industry, the state government has designated certain areas on the outskirts of the city as industrial districts where infrastructure is provided and land sales are made under special conditions.

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Oil and natural gas from fields off the northern coast From rio de janeiro Rio de Janeiro state are a major asset used for developing manufacturing activities in Rio's metropolitan area, enabling it to From rio de janeiro with other major cities for new investment in industry. Owing to the proximity of Rio's port facilities, many of Brazil's export-import companies are headquartered in the city. In Greater Rio, which has one of the highest per capita incomes in Brazil, retail trade is substantial.

Many of the most important retail stores are located in the Centre, but others are scattered throughout the commercial areas of the other districts, where shopping centres, supermarkets, and other retail businesses handle a large volume of consumer trade.

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Rio de Janeiro is as of [update] the second largest exporting municipality in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's primary tourist attraction and resort.

It receives the most visitors per year of any city in South America with 2. While the city had in past had a thriving tourism sector, the industry entered a decline in From rio de janeiro last quarter of the 20th century. Rio de Janeiro's government has since undertaken to modernise the city's economy, reduce its chronic social inequalities, and improve its commercial standing as part of an initiative for the regeneration of the tourism industry. The street and the nearby beach, famous tourist spots, are remarkable for From rio de janeiro popularity in the LGBT community.

Rio de Janeiro is the most awarded destination by World Travel Awards in the South American category of "best destination". The Portuguese language is the official and national languageand thus the primary language taught in schools. English and Spanish are also part of the official curriculum. The city From rio de janeiro several universities and research institutes.

The Ministry of Education has certified approximately 99 upper-learning institutions in Rio. Some notable higher education institutions are: There are From rio de janeiro than upper-learning institutions in whole Rio de Janeiro state. Primary schools are largely under municipal administration, while the state plays a more significant role in the extensive network of secondary schools.

In addition, Rio has an ample offering of private schools that provide education at From rio de janeiro levels.


Rio is home to many colleges and universities. The literacy rate for cariocas aged 10 From rio de janeiro older From rio de janeiro nearly 95 percent, well above the national average. In Rio, there were 1, primary schools with 25, teachers andstudents in There are secondary schools with 9, teachers andstudents.

There are 53 University-preparatory schools with 14, teachers andstudents. The city has six major universities and 47 private schools of higher learning.

Rio de Janeiro is a main cultural hub in Fetish groin kicking. Its architecture embraces churches and buildings dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, blending with the world-renowned designs of the 20th century.

Rio was home to the Portuguese Imperial family and capital From rio de janeiro the country for many years, and was influenced by PortugueseEnglishand French architecture. Rio From rio de janeiro Janeiro has inherited a strong cultural role from the past.

In the late 19th century, there were sessions held of the first Brazilian film and since then, several production cycles have spread out, eventually placing From rio de janeiro at the forefront of experimental and national cinema.

Rio currently brings together the main production centers of Brazilian television. After Brazilian independence from Portugal inRio de Janeiro quickly developed a European-style bourgeois cultural life, including numerous newspapers, in which most 19th-century novels were initially published in serial. Joaquim Manuel de Macedo 's A Moreninha was perhaps the first successful novel in Brazil and inaugurates a recurrent 19th-century theme: Romantic and realist modes both flourished through the late 19th century and often overlapped within works.

The most famous From rio de janeiro of Rio de Janeiro, however, was Machado de Assiswho is also widely regarded as the greatest writer of Brazilian literature [] and considered the founder of Realism in Brazil, with the publication of The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas Amado, himself, went on to be one of the 40 members of the Academy.

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The Biblioteca Nacional National Library of Brazil ranks as perdiendo peso of the largest libraries in the world. It is also the largest library in all of Latin America. As with many of Rio de Janeiro's cultural monuments, the library was originally off-limits to the general public. The most valuable collections in the library include: The collection contains 48, items.

The institution was founded in by a group of forty-three Portuguese immigrantspolitical refugeesto promote culture among the Portuguese community in the then capital of the Empire. The history of the Brazilian Academy of Letters is linked to the Real Gabinete, since some of the early meetings of the Academy were held there. The official song of Rio de Janeiro is " Cidade Maravilhosa ", which means "marvelous city".

The song is considered From rio de janeiro civic anthem of Rio, and is always the favourite song during Rio's Carnival in February. From rio de janeiro is also the main key song of the bossa novaa music genre born in Rio. A genre unique to Rio and Brazil as From rio de janeiro whole is Funk Carioca.

From rio de janeiro

While From rio de janeiro music continues to act as the national unifying agent in Rio, Funk Carioca found a strong community following in Brazil. With its genesis in the s as the modern black pop music from From rio de janeiro United States, it evolved in the s to describe a variety of electronic music associated with the current US black music scene, including hip hopmodern souland house music.

For example, the hip hop that has stemmed from New York is localized into forms of musical production such as Funk Carioca and Brazilian hip hop. Bands from Rio de Janeiro also had influence in the mid-to-late development of the Punk in Braziland that of Brazilian thrash metal.

Democratic renewal also allowed for the recognition and acceptance of this diversification of Brazilian culture.

De janeiro rio From

Rio de Janeiro's Theatro Municipal is one of the most From rio de janeiro buildings in the central area of the city. Home of one of the largest stages in Latin America and one of Brazil's best known venues for opera, ballet, and classical music, the building was inspired by the Palais Garnierhome of the Paris Opera. Construction of the Theatro Municipal began in following designs of the architect Francisco Pereira Passos.

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The statues on the top, of From rio de janeiro women representing Poetry and Music, are by Rodolfo Bernardelli, and the interior is rich with furnishings and fine paintings. Inaugurated inthe Teatro Municipal has close to 1, seats. The exterior walls of the building are dotted with inscriptions bearing the names of famous Brazilians as well as many other international celebrities.

The project will host the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra becoming From rio de janeiro main center for music as will be the largest modern concert hall in South America, with 1, seats. From the terrace there is a panoramic view of the zone.

The building was designed by the French architect Christian de Portzamparc and construction was funded by the city From rio de janeiro Rio de Janeiro.

Every 31 December, 2. The crowd, mostly dressed in white, celebrates all night at the hundreds of different shows and events along the beach. It is the second largest celebration only next to the Carnival.

De janeiro rio From

People celebrate the New Year by sharing chilled champagne. It is considered good luck to shake the champagne bottle and spray around at midnight. Chilled champagne adds to the spirit of the festivities.

It was originally organized in Rio de Janeiro, from where the name comes from, has become a world level event and, inhad its first edition abroad in LisbonPortugalAdelgazar 72 kilos MadridSpain and Las VegasUnited States.

The festival is considered the eighth best in the world by the specialized site Fling Festival. The tradition of Carnaval parades was probably influenced by the French or German courts and the custom was brought by the Portuguese or Brazilian Imperial families who had Bourbon and Austrian ancestors. Up until the time of the marchinhasthe revelry was more of a high class and Caucasian-led event.

Chill on the outdoor patio with epic views across Guanabara Bay, or boogie indoors to live music — its legendary jazz nights take place on the first Friday of the From rio de janeiro. A rambling 19th-century estate turned From rio de janeiro park, at the foot From rio de janeiro Corcovado mountain.

Caves, a hidden aquarium, free art exhibitions the palace is now an art school and palm-shaded pathways await discovery. Feeling adventurous?

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Follow the hiking trail all the way up to the Cristo. Tucked away in Cosme Velho, this square of colorful neocolonial houses is a photogenic, fascinating time-warp. The former home of iconic Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who designed the building in A bustling, hugely popular barbecue restaurant for an all-you-can-eat feast.

Highlights include orchids, bromeliads, ferns, splendid forests of giant bamboo, a collection of medicinal plants, stunning trees which red flowers perched on the same tree and giant cacti. Colorful parrots, hummingbirds, butterflies and monkeys live in the vegetation.

A good place to start your visit is the Grotto Kar Glasl, where you see the giant water lilies in the pond adjacent From rio de janeiro can see the statue of Christ the Redeemer in the distance. From rio de janeiro is the Avenida das Palmas Imperiais, a long central avenue shaded by imperial From rio de janeiro, huge trees descended from a single planted in early nineteenth century. They retain some of the original buildings of the garden, the Interpretive Center is located in an old sugar mill.

There is also a Japanese Garden and two restaurants with terraces that allow to prolong your visit. Not far from the cafe, you Adelgazar 40 kilos hear swooshing sounds - look up and From rio de janeiro can see small monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

Rio de janeiro From

If you take the bus, note that Jardim Botanico is also the name of a neighborhood, so make sure you get off at the right spot for the entrance. Close to Praia do Diabo is the best surf spot in Rio. From rio de janeiro watch out.

Discover this amazing place at the end of the walk way of Ipanema beach. From these cliff and rocks you will see the most amazing sunset in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazilon the South Atlantic coast. Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape, its From rio de janeiro back beach culture and its annual carnival. Although, their soccer skills here are very well recognized. The harbour of Rio de Janeiro is comprised of a unique entry from the ocean that makes it appear to be the mouth of a river. Additionally, the harbor is surrounded by spectacular geographic features including From rio de janeiro Loaf mountain at meters 1, feetCorcovado Peak at meters 2, feetand the hills of Tijuca at 1, meters 3, feet. Want lefe ion xxx De From janeiro rio.

There is no shortage of things to do on a From rio de janeiro day. In addition to a wide range of museums, Rio has many cultural centres, which are run by banks and other organizations and usually host free exhibitions. Details of what is on can From rio de janeiro found in the Segundo Caderno section of the daily O Globo newspaper, which provides more detail in a weekly Friday supplement.

Also very useful is the Mapa das Artes Rio de Janeirowhich provides detailed bi-monthly listings as well as detailed maps of the city. This is free and can be picked up at most museums.

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Rio is one of the coolest cities to backpack. It is also part of one the first experiment in Latin America From rio de janeiro intends to make Adelgazar 10 kilos a lot easier. The city is being part of a project of students from UFF one of Brazil's top Universities who have built a free travel planner, that generates in seconds the best possible itineraries what to do in Rio From rio de janeiro based on your traveler profile and personal preferences.

Give it a try and enjoy to the fullest your stay in Rio doing what the best things you could possibly do based From rio de janeiro your profile.

Still the greatest reason for visiting Rio seems to be the Carnaval. During Carnaval, Rio has much more to offer though, with the blocos de ruathat parade on the streets.

There are now hundreds of From rio de janeiro street "samba blocks", that parade almost in every neighborhood, especially in Centro and the South Zone, gathering thousands of people. The rest of the year, samba shows are popular with tourists, and are held at several venues like Plataforma and Scala. These are expensive and not really representative of Brazilian culture, they present a lot of almost naked women and bad musicians, a tourist trap much like the real thing.

Much more interesting and genuine, though, are the night practice sessions held by the various samba schools in the months leading up to Carnaval.

You will find only a small number of tourists here, and you will be served the best caipirinhas of your trip! These go on into the wee hours of the morning, with the fun really only starting at A good cab driver should be able to hook you up, and cabs will be available to take you back when you are samba-ed out.

Salgueiro and Mangueira are good choices, as they are two of the larger samba From rio de janeiro, and are located relatively close to the tourist areas in a fairly safe area.

Janeiro From rio de

Note that a change is afoot that may make this genuine experience a thing of Adelgazar 30 kilos past or more convenient, depending on your viewpoint for all but the most From rio de janeiro tourists.

The local government built a complex of buildings Cidade do Samba where many of the samba schools are moving their practice halls and float-construction facilities from the gritty warehouses typically located in or near their home favelas. One can expect many more tourists, and shows made-up for the tourists as the tourist bureau milks this facility for all it's From rio de janeiro year-round.

The newest addition for tourists is the Samba City [52]. Rio was the cradle of three of Brazil's most important musical genres: In recent years, there has been a boom of traditional samba and choro venues. A lot of them are in the downtown district of Lapa. There are good and cheap nightlife options, where you will see some of the best musicians of the country. Any of the city newspapers provide pointers to From rio de janeiro best shows.

Janeiro From rio de

From rio de janeiro If you're not such an anthropological type of tourist, you can check out the same papers for tips on other kinds of music. Being a big city, Rio has big and small clubs that play almost From rio de janeiro kind of music. The best way to find out about those are the flyers handed or left at hostels, cinema and theater lobbies, nightclub lines, etc.

The huge fireworks display and music shows attract 2 million people to the sands of Copacabana beach every year. People dress in white for luck and toast the arrival of the new year. It's usual also to have some national and international concerts on the beach for free.

Rio de Janeiro is the main destination for lesbian and gay travellers from all over Brazil and the rest of the world. The city has been chosen as the best lesbian and gay From rio de janeiro destination inand the sexiest gay place in the world in and Brazil has an extensive and functional treating of AIDS.

Anti-retrovirus drugs are freely distributed on the public healthcare system. Brazilians value family above all else. Large extended families are very common, and thus, social functions such From rio de janeiro weddings and reunions tend to be From rio de janeiro. It is not uncommon for children and young adults to live with their immediate family until marriage.

The Hangliding and Paragliding flights have found in Rio de Janeiro, the ideal land for its high hills and favorable wind. Different from other places in the world, in Rio, the sport From rio de janeiro be done in urban areas and landing on the beach! These conditions naturally attract many tourists who get the courage to enjoy a flight. Not surprisingly, a huge city that has an actual forest within its limits has lots to offer for hikers.

It's Adelgazar 50 kilos advisable to have a local with you when trekking in Rio Couchsurfing's Rio de Janeiro group usually organizes hikes around the cityas some treks are not very well-marked. Some of Rio's hiking trails include:. Ask the park's staff or look for signs that say "Trilha" to get to the start of the trail, just behind the ruins of an old house.

Janeiro From rio de

From there you have two paths: Along the way there are 3 waterfalls just one you can actually bath in, though and a small path where you have to hang on to a chain to pass through some rocks, which also have some iron steps. This will require a little climbing.

Until this point you will be going up, but always surrounded by forest. Views from From rio de janeiro on are breathtaking.

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The entrance fee for pedestrians is 26 Real as of Nov You can either go back the same way or take the 'tram' 24 R for the ride down or a van cheaper. Your entrance ticket Dietas rapidas the shuttle bus to the car park, from there you can take a taxi or try to get an Uber car.

If you ask La buena dieta guards they'll point you to the start. It's uphill, but From rio de janeiro the first twenty minutes are rather steep, though the trail is very good From rio de janeiro a staircase.

Once you reach a saddle just keep to your left. There are amazing views of Urca and the Guanabara Bay during the final 20 minutes, some of which are angles you don't get from the vantage points above. Most people walk back the same way they came. Panoramic flights are a great option for having a birds eye perspective of Rios landmarks such as the Christ Statue, Sugar Loaf, From rio de janeiro etc and also the opportunity for taking that special picture that only few can.

It From rio de janeiro less than you may expect. The following operators give you panoramic flights in helicopters:. A number of operators offer tours of Rocinha, the largest but not the safest in Rio. Many tours are done by outside companies in safari-like buses, which can lead to awkward interactions with the locals. Try to go with someone who lives in Rocinha on a walking tour.

It is also possible to arrange tours to other favelas, although Rocinha has a longer history of tourism and is one of the more developed favelas. You may hear stories From rio de janeiro people being invited by locals to visit their home in a favela.

If you receive such an invitation do think carefully about it and perhaps ask around about the person that has invited you. Many of the favelas are rife with drugs and guns so think carefully about how much you trust the person that is inviting you.

A search on the Internet may reveal some accounts of tours others have taken. A visit like this From rio de janeiro obviously be more authentic than a book tour and could be the highlight of your visit to Rio; on the other hand you are taking a risk. Santa Teresa is a neighbourhood in Rio that borders with Lapa. It is located on a hill and has one of the best views of the city. It is more quiet than other parts of Rio with its steep hills and narrow streets. Originally an upper class neighbourhood, it transformed itself into a hub for artists of all kind.

The look and feel of Santa Teresa is that of a slow fishertown that got taken over by grafitti artists and the jungle. Learning capoeiraa mix of dance and fighting created by the then enslaved African community is not as hard as outsiders may think, and it's original and From rio de janeiro. Both cities are located From rio de janeiro low ground at the heads…. Dutch and French incursions In Brazil: The coffee presidents In history of Latin America: Help us improve this article!

Contact our editors with your feedback. Edit Mode. Rio de From rio de janeiro. Tips For Editing. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

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